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The End of Ages III: Chronology in God’s Plan


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Ages: Periods of time in which the will of God is progressively revealed to man; each age has specific revelations, introduction of new plans and judgment of previous decisions. (Heb 11:3)

1st Age

Innocence: The man is created perfect, placed in a perfect ambient called Eden Garden, submitted to a simple test of obedience and loyalty, warned about the consequences of a bad choice. Man was tempted by Satan, and used his free will to choose rebellion against God’s command. The authority on earth was given to man, and by his choice he constitutes Satan as “prince of this world”. The word was transmitted directly from God to man, God use to come every day at the sundown to have fellowship with Adam and Eve. The man was without sin until the decision to do what was prohibited. The judgment was the expulsion of the Eden Garden. (Gen 1:26; Gen 3:24)

2nd Age

Moral Conscience: God is now treating with a sinful race, man has capacity to discern between good and evil, and that capacity is the only ruler on the earth. There is no human government. Because man started the knowledge of good and evil by doing the evil, now he has the natural tendency of doing evil (slavery of the sin). Cain and Abel typify the choices in this age. The word and will of God can be transmitted from the fathers, Adam lived 930 years. The sacrifice with blood of animals was the only way of coming to God, in which the sinner was confessing that he was guilt, deserves the death penalty, but a pure animal was dying in his place, to cover the sins (symbol of the perfect sacrifice, the Lamb of God, the substitute). This age ends with deep decadence and the judgment was the flood over all the earth; only Noah and his family came to the ark. (Gen 4:1-16; Gen 6:1-8)

3rd Age

Human government: Formation of the nations: the structure of the nations was formed by the descendants of Shem, Ham and Japheth, sons of Noah, after the flood. The founder of Babylon (Babel tower) and Nineveh, Nimrod, was the first attempt of a Satanic government on earth (first type of antichrist), and God interfered with that plan spreading the people all over the globe and confusing their languages. The nations rejected God; God’s revenge is to create a new nation that will bless all the nations of the earth. (Gen 9:1-17; Gen 11:1-9)

4th Age

Promise: God establishes a covenant with one man, Abram, from who he created a family, then a people and then a nation, the nation of Israel. From Genesis 12 and on, God is exclusively leading with Abraham and his descendants. The promise of a descendant from a sterile wife (Sarah) is fulfilled in Isaac,  Isaac joined Rebecca and had Esau and Jacob, and Jacob had the twelve sons that became the twelve tribes of Israel. The family of Jacob went to Egypt and there multiply abundantly and became a great people. At the appointed time, God lifted Moses to deliver his people with wonders. (Gen 12:1-4; Gen 13:14-18; Gen 15:1-21; Gen 17:1-22)

5th Age

Moses’ Law: Moses is the one assigned to deliver God’s people from Pharaoh’s hands; from the captivity to the freedom, from the idols to the real and living God; at the Sinai Mount, God gave the law and the commandments, as well the Tabernacle (the Levi priesthood) and the Feasts of Israel, to be observed in obedience by his people. After 40 years in the wilderness, Israel possesses the promise land, the land of Canaan. After Joshua, we have the time of Judges, then Samuel, the prophet, King Saul, King David, King Salomon, then the divided Kingdom, Israel called the Kingdom of the North, capital Samaria, Juda, the Kingdom of the South, capital Jerusalem, Israel is dominated by the Assyrians, never came back, Juda is dominated by the Babylonians for 70 years, but returns. Obedience brings blessings to Israel, rebellion brings discipline and judgment, and the sign of discipline is the “Diaspora”, being expulsed from the land and going into captivity among the nations. (Ex 3:1-22; Ex 12:1-13)

Event: First Coming of Jesus Christ: Jesus, the prophesized Messiah, come for Israel, described in the gospels as the King (Mathews), the obedient servant (Mark), the perfect man (Luke) and the son of God (John). Baptized with the Holy Ghost, operated all the signs, miracles and wonders to prove that he is the Lord, but was rejected by his people, given to the authorities, spanked, crucified at the cross, where he died. Three days later he rose from the dead, show up in his glorified body, ministered to his disciples, whom he appointed to be apostles of the church. Because of Israel refusal to recognize the Messiah, God’s plan to Israel is delayed but not cancelled. (John 1:1-18; Is 53:1-7; Phil 2:5-11)

6th Age

Church, Body of Christ: The church comes as a prophetic interval, a mystery in the Old Testment only revealed now, gentiles and Jews together as a Body, each person being born again in spirit, having the dwelling of the Holy Spirit, walking in power, preaching the good news of salvation to the people of the nations, being persecuted by the secular authorities. The Bible is completed in this age, every man has an opportunity to find God through the word of salvation. The Kingdom of Heaven is manifested with signs, miracles, healings and wonders; the evil spirits are cated out by God’s power. The end of this age is with a supernatural event called the rapture, when the church will disappear from the face of the earth. (Eph 2:11-22; Mat 16:17-19)

7th Age

Tribulation: Period of seven years, comprehended between the rapture and the second coming of Jesus, when God will allow the evil to be fully manifested through the Kingdom of the antichrist (the beast). This period is divided in two, 3-1/2 years of false peace and the Great Tribulation, 3-1/2 years of enormous suffering and plagues, when the wrath of God will be manifested without mercy. This period ends with the battle of Armageddon, in Israel, and the return of the Lamb of God, glorious and undefeatable. The full conversion of Israel, the judgment of the nations and the establishment of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ complete this age. (Mathews 24:1-35)

8th Age

Millenary Kingdom of Christ Jesus: 1,000 years of God’s visible Kingdom on earth, ruling from Jerusalem, with all the saints, the whole earth will live in prosperity, peace, blessings and unity. After 1,000 years, Satan is released from the pit to provide a choice for those who were born during the Millennia, Gog and Magog, but heavens and earth are destroyed by God’s fire and the White Throne Tribunal is established for final judgment, after which we will all enter Eternity, the saved ones with God in a restored universe, the lost ones without God in the Lake of Fire (Hell). (Rev 20:1-15)

9th Age

Eternity with new heavens and new earth: The saved ones will dwell in a restored universe with God and without sin or corruption; the lost ones will dwell in a separated place called Lake of Fire, or Hell. (Rev 21:1-27; Rev 22:1-6)

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